Looking at yesterday’s post now, it seems a lot more positive than I remember the day being, to be honest… That may be due to the fact that I felt worse as the day continued: I was actually so shattered by my failure to sleep that by the evening that there was no way I was going to be able to type anything coherent. My father says he’s never seen me so completely worn and quiet, and I have a new respect for the word ‘utter’: my body and mind were utterly exhausted and I had nothing in the tank. I don’t even think my emotions were able to consider the situation: even they were empty. Zonk!

Fortunately, last night I slept much better. No doubt the extreme exhaustion helped, though as usual falling asleep was followed fairly quickly by waking up again… Somehow something clicked, though, and all in all I had a good sleep. For some reason I need to go to the loo a lot during the night at the moment, but I think the exercise it gives my legs is probably quite useful, and whenever I went last night I swiftly dropped off again when back in bed. Lying on my side and keeping a pillow between my legs seemed to make a difference, too, which is a useful trick to know now! It was a real relief to wake up this morning having slept – I really would have been in trouble if I’d felt today like I did yesterday.

So today I’m feeling a huge amount better than I did yesterday, and have been able to have much more ‘normal’ day. My father was planning to go to West Wittering to help Sue put her boat in the water, and wondered whether I might want to come along as well for the change of scenery. When he suggested this yesterday, it really didn’t appeal, but yesterday doing anything at all, particularly if it involved any energy or movement, was distinctly unappealing. With the sun out and feeling more sleep-refreshed this morning, the idea was vastly more interesting! So we piled into the pickup, and I had a lovely time in the sunshine at West Wittering, reading the newspaper and enjoying the scene while they put the boat in. It was delightful. There were lots of families going out sailing, or just wandering, and they were all so happy! The sun was shining and these people were making the most of being alive: I’m all for that… I managed a little walk, which was pleasing, and have been trotting around more than on any previous days. My legs are very tired, but it’s worth it. Getting out of the house has been a big boost, particularly as it was such lovely weather: I’m very very glad I did!

So, here’s to sunshine and fresh air!

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